Your Flexible E-Learning Platform


  • A solution that facilitates and support your E-Learning process. USE any payment model you want: per user, per instance or per service.
  • Migrate easily beetween platforms, environment and payment models.
  • Don't need to choose - take them all: use cloud or dedicated hosting or even your own instance.
  • While your bussiness grows you may migrate to payment model or hosting plan which fit your specific needs.
  • Pay just for services and enviroment you use.

Why We Are Different?

Cloud Per User Model

Cloud SaS providers that use per user payment model never gives you the whole platform. When you want to migrate from one provider to another it takes a lot of efforts, money and time to put your content to another platfrom. You didn't think about it in the begginng but when the time comes and you need to migrate - that is the whole problem.

With us you don't need to worry about this. You always can take your instance from the cloud and move to dedicated hosting plan or your own environment. From our cloud you simply can export your content into well-known open source learning platform - Moodle LMS.

Dedicated Hosting Per Instance Model

E-Learning hosting providers are quite expensive usually. So you pay for more services and more enviroment you really use. Standard hosting providers have no expirience managing E-Learning websites. We have such expirience and our prices are affordable. With us you dont't pay for services and environment you dont need. You get a professional level of E-Learning hosting service paying fair price.

You Can Use You Own Environment

Move your platform to your own host and support it by your own forces. Or give us a chance to help you. We will update, maintain and monitor your instance, so you can focus on you learning materials.

E-Learning Hosting Plans

CLOUD (Per-User)
from $249 / year
  • Per User Payment Model
  • Predefined Plugins
  • Extendable Cloud
DEDICATED (Per-Instance)
from $749 / year
  • Per Instance Payment Model
  • Custom Plugins & Software
  • Dedicated Extendable Instance
Own Host (Per-Service)
from $1199 / year
  • Per Service Payment Model
  • Custom Plugins & Software
  • Your Environment


We love what we do.

Simple as it sounds. We are focused to make your project work. We have a belief the secret to happiness is helping others, this is simply what we do, and it's a real pleasure for us.

E-Learning expertise.

Considerable experience in E-Learning field. We only work with e-learning sites.

Solid Experience.

We have more than 10 years of Moodle experience.

Great Value For Money.

We designed our plans to be full of features without increasing costs. That means we offer you more for less!

Scalability & Flexibility.

You can always migrate to the the right sized configuration, in minutes, with the support.There are various options to choose. We can offer a service for

Top Cloud Hosting Provider.

Amazon AWS

Worldwide data centers.

With datacenters all over the world: Europe, USA, Asia, Australia

Specialist advice and support.

We will work with you to ensure you start with the best value for your project.

10+ Years of Expirience in E-Learning

More Freedom
More Flexibility
Less Worries


You focus on success of your bussiness and we take care about E-Learning backend.


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“This Team was very knowledgeable and very flexible in finding fast and easy programming solutions for our Moodle systems. They demonstrated professional level of development, system analysis and software design.”

What Our Clients Say About Us

“They have been a qualified team to work with, They have developed a custom quiz plugin for our E-Learning Moodle system. Very knowledgeable in web development, helpful, communicative and shown deep understanding of Moodle background. I was pleasured with their work and would like to recommend them as a good E-Learning service.”

What Our Clients Say About Us

We could not be more satisfied! Working with them has been one of our best experiences. Because of some problems with an external plugin (not their work), didn’t work properly with the system they installed, they reduced the payment terms. Besides being knowledgeable and capable you can trust them. We will definitely be working again with them on many more projects. I can highly recommend them on all aspects.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Extremely satisfied customer. Took on an risky and vaguely defined job, got it done! Professional, Responsible and highly talented. Couldn’t recommend more highly, extremely trustworthy.”

What Our Clients Say About Us

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