E-Learning Cloud Hosting Service

Cloud Hosting Feaures

We take care about all installations and upgrades. Our systems will be auto-updated with the latest software and LMS version

Set up system to fit your needs. Switch easily beetween plans or even move whole instance to your own environment.

You may assign own domain and style your site with your logo and settings.

Our E-learning cloud provides an affordable price. Start a website for up to 200 users just at $250/year



$249 / year
  • up to 200 users allowed
  • 1 GB File Storage
  • Personalised site name
  • Web conferencing
  • E-Commerce Intergration (Paid Service)
  • Extra plugins and themes (Paid Service)
  • Begginers Support Included


$250+ / year
  • + 1$ /Year/Student
  • + 2$ /Year/GB Storage
  • Personalised site name
  • Web conferencing
  • E-Commerce Intergration (check if can be free)
  • Extra plugins and themes (check if can be free)
  • Begginers Support Included

* All hosting plans are served on a minimum term of 12 months


How do Per-User plans work?

Per-User plans limit the LMS usage based on the total amount of existing users. You can remove user to free a position for a new user, but you cannot have more accounts than your limit. Standard Cloud plans have a 1 GB (SSD) of data storage limit. Additional 1 GB costs + 2 USD per year. Those plans come with some software, plugins and themes limits.

How do Per-Instance plans work?

Per-Instance plans let you register as much users as you want. The pricing is based on hardware, software and services you used. Those plans come without software and extra plugins limits.

How do Per-Service plans work?

Per-Service plans let you use your own hardware, any software and as much users as you want. The pricing is services you used. Please contact us to get more detailed information

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan, except of your storage limits. You only can upgrade your storage limits. Storage downgrade is also possible for additional cost.

Does my plan come with free support?

All our plans come with the free support and training. Even demo account. You may contact us to schedule a training with us.

Do I need a credit card to create an account?

You don't need to have a credit card for your Demo account, you can try our services for free. For other plans you are still required to pay for at least a minimum term of the service (12 months)