Plugins & Themes Customization


Plugins and Themes are quite critical parts of any E-Learning platform, allowing you to change, extend and add new functionality into your E-Learning system. There are different types of plugins. Eventually the most maintainable way to add your own extending logic to LMS system is by writing a custome module

LMS platform out of the box cannot cover all your needs as usual. Because of that there are a lot of modules designed by communities and external providers. It can be complex to decide what the plugins that are best for your own students.

PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT can make things a simpler for you. We are open to hear your requirements and suggest the best bundle of plugins to cover your needs. 

However, you may do your own research and try out as much plugins as you want, because COT offers FREE PLUGIN INSTALLATIONS in all our Hosting Packages.

We can develop fully custom plugin to fit all your specific requirements. To get more information please contact us.